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Massive flooding in the Mae Sot area of North West Thailand has devastated communities and left vulnerable children hungry.

Please help from just £3 per month.

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The Flood Emergency


The kids near Mae Sot are amongst the poorest anywhere. Some live in orphanages where there’s barely enough money to feed them. Those with parents live in slums and shanty towns. Their parents work long hours in factories to eke out an existence.

Whole shanty towns have been washed away. Orphanages and schools have been flooded. And food supplies have been washed out.

Rainy season rice crops have been destroyed, water sources contaminated, livestock lost. A massive community effort has seen them through these early weeks.

Now, we need your help to ensure that these children can eat in the coming months.

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Please help us to:

  • Feed these needy children now
  • Replenish the food programme that feeds orphanage kids
  • Rebuild vegetable patches and mushroom sheds to provide sustainable meals
  • Donate from just £3 per month
  • Children's flood stories

    "Our whole village got flooded, and had to run away to places like temples and churches. No one could take any of their property. All of our properties were flowing with the water. Some of the houses were destroyed and sank in the water. We saw our house when we came back, but there was nothing inside except mud. The Thai Army group came and gave us some clothing, and food as well, but just a few items and we don’t have enough. We have to share blankets, and plates. We only have one pot to cook food. We don’t even have school bags and shoes now."

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    child 1
  • Children's Flood Stories

    "My house destroyed and fell down during the flood. My clothing, my parents clothing and all of my school supplies went away with the water. When we came back, we had nothing, but fortunately, we got some pots and plates in the mud under the destroyed house. We also got some blankets in the mud, and we washed them and use them again. The plantation got totally destroyed and we didn’t get any of our fruits. My father built little house and we have to stay there temporary. We hope we can build a real house again in the future. Now my only property is my school bag."

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    child 2
  • A teachers’ story

    “It is important for those students whose houses got flooded to come back to school.  Many poor parents ask children to buy alcohol, and to sell drugs. For these reasons, children use drugs, drink alcohol and smoke. I want to take those children away from that. If children come to school and communicate with other students, and study at school, I can change their behaviours and attitudes. If we can help those children who don’t have anything because of the flood, then I can tell the parents that now we provide the food that your child needs, so send them back to the school.”

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    teacher story

How you can help

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You can make a difference from just £3 per month

Our most immediate need is to feed the children who are hungry now. With £3 a month you can help us provide rice, vegetables, fruit, oil, beans, pulses, salt, canned fish.

Our dry food programme aims to provide children at schools in Mae Sot with two basic meals a day, this is now more important than ever. Just £5 a month will help provide this food.

We had built vegetable patches and mushroom huts. The floods swept many of these away. Just £7 a month will help us rebuild them, providing a sustainable, long term source of food.

  • What is HungerBusters?

    HungerBusters is the name of our campaign to raise money for children affected by the recent floods in Thailand. We urgently need to raise money to get food to these children.

  • Can I sponsor an individual child?

    Yes! This campaign is to raise money for a specific cause. But if you’d like to sponsor an individual child, receive updates and be able to write to them, see our Child Sponsorship page.

  • Can I write to a child?

    If you want your money to go towards an individual named child, you can sponsor a needy child in Thailand for just 60p per day. If you Sponsor a Child you can write to them and receive regular updates.

  • How long does monthly donation last?

    Monthly donations are key in our ability to deliver regular and continuous aid to the projects we support. Regular giving lasts as long as you’d like it to, if you change your mind at any time you can easily cancel by emailing or calling us.

  • What updates will I get?

    When you donate to our HungerBusters campaign we will sign you up to our email newsletter which will keep you informed about the situation as it develops. You can also keep in touch through Facebook or Twitter.

The difference you can make

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